Abstract Format

The abstract format is as follows:

  1. Abstract must be written in one paragraph only (250 words).
  2. Abstract must be written in English with no grammatical errors.
  3. A good abstract should contain the following:


Your abstract's title should successfully grab the reader's attention and briefly describe the main idea of the new material. For best results, names should be no longer than 15 words.


Explain what the exact goal of this innovation was, how important it is, and why it was made.


Describe the specific issue or problem that was dealt with. Write a summary of what you know about the issue or problem right now (for example, from a literature study, benchmarking, chart audits, or a change in the law).


Explain what you did that was different or new. Explain the new idea in enough detail so that it is clear what you did, and other people can use the same method. Let's talk about obstacles that stood in your way and how you defeated them.


Explain about how well this new idea worked for you. Explain how the main results fit in with the innovation's goal. Talk about how well the new idea works and why you think it's working.

Conclusions and Recommendations

Explain how the new idea will change practice or the organisation. Make sure that the findings are based on the results and have something to do with the innovation's goal. Tell people how they can use this new idea in their work or in their organisation. Write down detailed suggestions.


List words that facilitate electronic searching. (max. 5 keywords)


List of the selected references utilised in your innovation project.

        vi. Refer to the 
abstract template.


        v.  Group members’ details need to be submitted together with the abstract.
        vi. Maximum of Five (5) members (including group leader) per-registration.